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Let QIAGEN be your technical development partner with our Enterprise Genomic Solution’s offering

Benefit from over 20 years of Sample to Insight genomics expertise

From sample extraction to data interpretation QIAGEN understands your requirements. We have created an enterprise technology solution to help you propel your research forward.

Simplify your biomarker discovery pipeline

Our solution


Query QIAGEN’s knowledge base to rapidly identify the most relevant biomarkers for your research application.


Accelerate the development and optimization of your customized NGS panel with QIAGEN’s lab services.


End-to-end validation of your complete operational model.


Determine biological relevance of your biomarkers by querying QIAGEN’s knowledgebase.
  • Webinar: Mayo Clinic researchers identify inherited risk factors of pancreatic cancer

    Explore how researchers at the Mayo Clinic identified inherited risk factors of pancreatic cancer using targeted sequencing in a large cohort. You will gain an appreciation for the challenges of current targeted sequencing approaches for such large studies, and gain insights into the methodologies used to analyze this cohort.

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  • Enterprise Genomic Solution’s offering

    Let QIAGEN be your technical development partner with our Enterprise Genomic Solution’s offering. Not just an assay development service – we develop and optimize a solution that combines the power of QIAGEN’s chemistry of panel design and bioinformatics pipelines and perform on-site training to ensure adoption.

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