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QIAGEN’s chemistry builds precision into sequencing analysis

Combining the power of QIAGEN’s chemistry of panel design, bioinformatics pipelines and on-site training to ensure adaption

QIAGEN’s chemistry builds precision into sequencing analysis

  • Unique Molecular Index (UMI): Enable correction of PCR-introduced errors for more accurate variant calling and correction of PCR-introduced bias to deliver more accurate transcript quantification
  • Single Primer Extension (SPE): Lowers risk of primer dimers and dropouts, delivers higher uniformity, requires only a single pool of primers, generates higher library complexity, does not require primer redesign to increase panel content

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solution delivery
Content Development

Identify the most relevant biomarkers for your research application by querying QIAGEN’s knowledge base

• Integrated published knowledge
• Organized knowledge and ontology
• Synthesize with content aware analytics


Panel Development

Accelerate the development and optimization of your customized NGS panel with QIAGEN’s lab services

• Dry lab design using proprietary QIAseq Unique Molecular Index (UMI) and Single Primer Extension (SPE) chemistries
• Wet lab verification using your samples or ours
• Panel performance verification


Data Analysis

Solve complex life science problems by combining research tools designed by a team of bioinformaticians, data scientists and software engineers

• Pipeline development and custom design of experiment workflow
• Assay verification
• Interpretation of NGS and novel biotechnologies and set up


Data Interpretation

Determine biological relevance of your biomarkers by querying QIAGEN’s knowledgebase

• Evidence-based software (QCI) – assists in classification and reporting from any NGS platform
• Comprehensive annotation and literature resource
• Customized reporting


Get reproducible and repeatable results.

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